io.js Roadmap

Living Document: Last edited on February 26th, 2015.


The Bright Future of io.js

A Community Driven Roadmap

For the community, by the community

io.js is a drop-in replacement for node.js and is compatible with nearly all the modules in npm.

io.js is a community driven open source project. It was started by the primary contributors to node.js but in the first few months attracted more active developers than the node.js project has had in its entire history.

What do people want from io.js?

  1. Stability
  2. Transparency (Debugging and Tracing)
  3. Better Streams
  4. Long Term Support
  5. Embrace Ongoing Standards
  6. Localization

Concerns list compiled from the roadmap project. Contributors welcome!

Stability Policy

We have the largest package ecosystem of any language, we can't break it.

From the Stability Policy section of the Roadmap. Contributors welcome!


Release Any versioned build.
Must be stable and ready for production.
Canary Nightly builds with Canary V8 & other new features.
NG Next Generation ES6/7 centric API.

From the Roadmap. Contributors welcome!

NG (Next Generation)

NG discussions are ongoing in the NG repo.

Debugging & Tracing

Core should enable a massive and diverse ecosystem of debugging and tracing tools rather than endorse high level abstractions like domains.

Work being lead by the Tracing Working Group. Contributors welcome!


Work being lead by the Streams Working Group. Contributors welcome!

Long Term Support

Summary from Stability Policy. Contributors welcome!


You can get involved by joining the community for your language :)

Get Involved!

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